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Happy Summer!

It has been a while since I wrote up a blog post on here. So let me introduce myself and the store again for any newbies. I am Lauren, the owner of Love & Stitches. I am a high school history teacher and yarn enthusiast. My day job is worth noting because it is the whole reason for the store hours. During the school year we are open nights and weekends, but during the summer we can have longer hours. Yes, working at school and then running the store makes for a long day. BUT I really don't mind because yarn makes everything better.

Thankfully summer is finally here! I know a bit weird for a yarn store owner to be happy about summer and warm weather. Many people think yarning is a cold weather activity. Take a second to think about it... do you really think that handmade blanket or sweater was started once the heat clicked on in the house? And what about all those handmade holiday gifts? Knitters and crocheters start those things now... or should be planning to start those things now.

Now is the time to learn a new skill or stitch so you can be nice and warm when the chilly weather comes. Or you can make all your loved ones beautiful handmade gifts for the holiday season. We can help you do that! Love & Stitches is open Tuesday to Friday from 12pm to 6pm and Saturday from 10am to 5pm during the months of July & August. This is to help accommodate more time for private lessons, more time to shop for yarn, and even more time to help you plan out your projects.


Covid had us change our approach to group classes. We found that having private/appointment only lessons works better for our store and our customers. Creating a monthly class schedule took up a lot of time and I can't read minds to know what/when people wanted to learn. Between myself and my teachers, we have so much to offer in terms of yarn knowledge, but the monthly class schedule limited us and your access to us.

Here is what we are doing instead - We will offer some scheduled classes AND you tell us what you want to learn and when! You choose from a LONG list of skills or techniques. Then we find a time during our store's hours for your lesson. This can be handled over the phone, via email, or at the store.


  • 1-on-1 Lesson - $15 per hour. This is a private lesson where you get the teacher's undivided attention. Most knit and crochet classes are 1 hour in this setting.

  • Small Group Appointment (3-5 people) - $20 per student. 2 hours. Create your own group class with your family members or friends.

  • Scheduled Group Classes (3-5 people) - $20 per student. 2 hours. Sign up for a scheduled class on our calendar. We will offer some classes throughout the summer based on our teacher's schedules.


This spring we announced that we would be offering more services for you. Love & Stitches now offers finishing and repair services for your hand knit and hand crocheted items. We have been asked about these things since we opened. Since I was just starting out I didn't want to take on too many things at once. Now that we are more established I hope we can help you throughout the entire process of your projects so you can get the best possible results.

Finishing - blocking to even out edges and stitches, seaming together garments or blankets, and weaving in pesky ends.

Repairs - fixing holes from moths or regular wear and tear.

I will be adding a section to the website to go into more detail about these services and pricing. When that section is completed I will add a link here.

I want to end this post with a thank you for my customers. Thanks for all of your love and support. Yarn really does make everything better. Your support kept this local yarn store open to keep sharing all the yarn love. :)