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September News

September means back to school and back to our regular hours.

Starting September 1st our hours will be...

Tuesday to Friday 4pm-7pm

Saturday 10am-5pm


Another big announcement for this month is Local Yarn Store Day! Normally this event is in April. Considering all the craziness in the world, the organizers postponed this awesome day until September 12th. If you remember we celebrated a little bit back in April with kits for Casapinka's Breathe and Hope Shawl pattern. Now we get to celebrate a little more!

This year Local Yarn Store Day will have sales in store and online.


- 15% off total purchase

- 30% off NEW one skein wonders

- 40% off NEW clearance yarn

- coupon code for FREE shawl pattern with purchase

- FREE sock pattern by Lauren


- 20% off total purchase

- 40% off NEW clearance yarn

- coupon code for FREE shawl pattern with purchase

- FREE in store pickup

We had a big order of yarn come in recently. In this order we refreshed a lot of our colors and brought in a new yarn! Our NEW yarn is Heritage Prints. You can make socks with stripes and the look of colorwork without all the work. And if you have shopped with us right after a big shipment you know that we fill our basket of one skein wonders. I HATE when stores have a random skein of a different dye lot. So I put them in a cute little basket and discount them. These skeins are perfectly fine, the color is just slightly off from the new batch that came in the store. This is a great way to try out a new yarn or maybe a different color.

If you are shopping online, there is no coupon code needed for 20% off your total purchase. Yes I know this is awesome. The online sale will go from 9/11 - 9/13 so you have plenty of time to shop this awesome sale and support your favorite local yarn store.


For our annual fall knitalong/crochetalong we will be focusing on socks. There are too many wonderful patterns to pick just one, so you can choose any pattern. We will share our favorites on Ravelry and some of Lauren's original sock patterns. You can choose patterns in any weight yarn, knit or crochet. We will help you get all the materials you need.

We'll work on our socks on Saturday mornings from September 26th to October 31st. More details to come.