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Get your calendars out and set an alarm on your phone because Love & Stitches will be open again on Saturday, JUNE 13TH!

Our Summer Hours are...

Tuesday to Friday, 11am to 6pm

Saturday, 10am to 5pm

We are a Phase 2 business for New York State's reopening plan. Although Phase 2 started a couple days ago, I wanted to have enough time to get everything ready for the store to be open. If you do not know, I am a high school history teacher by day and this is why my hours during the school year are only nights and weekends. This is also why I decided to wait on opening the store again. I wanted to make sure I would have enough time to prepare the store and finish the school year before opening.

Thankfully the end of the school year lines up perfectly with World Wide Knit in Public Day! On Saturday, June 13th, we will have a tent and tables set up in our parking lot so we can hang out and knit/crochet together outside. What better way to celebrate the store coming back. Let's hope for some good weather that day! We ask that you bring your own chairs and snacks. We will have coffee, tea, and water available.

There will be some changes when we come back...

- masks are required while in store

- hand sanitizer will be available at entry

- gloves will be available at entry

- bathrooms are closed to public

- preferably, non/minimal contact payment

- up to 2 customers allowed in at a time

- appointments available for vulnerable shoppers

- online store is will remain active with in-store pick-up and shipping options

More details...

Masks. They are required when entering the store. If you cannot wear a mask, our online store is a great option for you to still shop with us.

Hand sanitizer and gloves. Please use the hand sanitizer when entering the store or use the disposable gloves at our entrance. We want to share the love for yarn, not the germs.

Bathrooms. We share our bathroom with other businesses in the building and we are all trying to limit the traffic.

Payment. No contact or minimal contact payment is preferred. We accept all major credit cards and Apple Pay.

2 at a Time. Our store is what a real estate agent would label as cozy. In order to maintain safe distances and enjoy the shopping experience, friends and family should wait outside.

Shopping Appointments. The first hour we are open (Tues to Fri, 11am to 12pm and Sat, 10am to 11am) is designated for our vulnerable shoppers. Call ahead or email for a 30 minute appointment to shop during this time without other customers. Customers may also call or email for time slots throughout the day, but I cannot guarantee you will be the only customer in the store. We also ask to please be efficient while shopping so others are not waiting long.

Online Store. You can still shop our store online. You will have the option of shipping your order or picking up in store. Note that some items, like yarn bowls and crochet hook displays, will be in-store pick-up only.

Rest assured that we are preparing to open the store in the safest way we can. We can't wait to see everyone again!

Stay safe and healthy :)