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Hug Shot Shawl Kits

Casapinka is at it again helping out local yarn stores and indie dyers across the country. Back in April, she helped local yarn stores with kits for the Breathe & Hope Shawl in honor of Local Yarn Store Day. When you bought the kit, you received a coupon code to get the Breathe & Hope Shawl pattern for free on Ravelry. This was a huge help considering most of us local yarn stores were closed for regular business at that point in the pandemic. Now to support our industry again, Casapinka is releasing another shawl pattern, the Hug Shot Shawl, that you can get for free when you buy a kit from your local yarn store.

The Hug Shot Shawl is a sister to the Breathe & Hope. It has the same shape and same yarn requirements, but the designer says it is an easier knit.

This was originally designed in honor of National Cat Day on June 4th. But since we aren't all cat people, the designer's sassy cats have extended this to include all pets for the weekend. So you can start to redeem your coupon codes starting June 5th at 8am. The coupons will be active until June 14th at midnight. Originally this coupon code was only going to be active for the one weekend. In light of recent events and World Wide Knit in Public Day on June 13th, the redemption period has been extended.

We will have our kits available in our online store until June 14th or while supplies last. Check out some of the color combos in the slideshow below. You loved our last batch of kits, so no promises that these will last for long. Especially since almost every kit includes a fabulous new yarn, Cascade Heritage. Heritage is 437 yards of super soft and super durable fingering weight yarn. Perfect for a wide variety of projects due to the blend of superwash merino and nylon.

Hug Shot Shawl


2 colors of fingering weight, 400 yards/100g

Color A - solid color

Color B - variegated/speckled/contrasting solid color

Size 6 (4.00 mm) circular needle, at least 24"

If you have any questions, please contact Love & Stitches first. The designer is facilitating this amazing free pattern event for hundreds of local yarn stores and indie dyers across the country. The participating stores and dyers have been equipped with all sorts of information to be able to assist you.

Can't wait to fill your orders!