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Virtual Social Stitching

I have been teaching from home for 7 weeks. SEVEN WEEKS! Some days it feels like I saw my kids a couple days ago and other days I feel like I haven't seen them in a year. Anyway - I bring that up because I feel like I need part of my normal routine back. Every week at the store we would gather on Thursday nights or Saturday mornings to create together. I want that back.

Thankfully Zoom has the option for recurring meetings. This means if you ever want to join us for Knit Nights on Thursday or the Saturday Stitching, you only need to get the links from Love & Stitches one time. You don't have to ask every week to join. You also aren't obligated to join us every week either. Life gets in the way and doesn't always follow our nice plans.

But I think it is very important to set aside time to be creative and to socialize. As crafters we can do both!

Join us on Thursday nights or Saturday mornings. We can stitch and chat.

To get the links for our virtual stitch sessions, you can send an email ( or a message on facebook or instagram. The link will stay the same so be sure to save that message so you can easily join us again while our physical store location is closed.