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Happy New Year!

I hope everyone's holidays were fabulous! I'm sure many of you were busy making gifts for everyone else in your life. Now that things have calmed down a bit (hopefully) it is time to focus on you. Love & Stitches is a huge advocate for selfish making this time of year. Don't get me wrong, it is incredibly satisfying to give. The look of joy on your loved ones face as the see the best kind of present in the world is amazing. But do you know how awesome it is to finish a pair of socks for yourself? Or make an intricate lacy pattern for a shawl? You don't have the rush to finish, so you can really enjoy the meditative process of knitting or crocheting.

How To Fit You - January 25th

Going along with this theme of selfish making, we are offering a new class on how to make sure your knitwear fits you the way you want it to. There's no sense in taking the time to make a sweater for it to be way too big or even worse too small. With Lauren you will read through a garment pattern, discuss the importance of gauge and ease, and figure out how to use a gauge swatch for more than just picking your needle or hook size. The skills from this class can be transferred to other knit and crochet projects as well, not just sweaters.

Beginner Classes

New year, new me, right? Now is definitely the time to act on that new year's resolution of learning a new skill, picking up a hobby, taking more time for yourself, or learning a new language. Knit and crochet can fit all those things. Yes, even the language one! To help you we have 2 beginner crochet classes that you can attend on either Saturday, January 11th or Tuesday, January 14th. Then we have 2 beginner knit classes offered February 1st and 8th. Register on our website to reserve your seat or call the store.

Cardigan CAL/KAL

It's time for another crochetalong! Or maybe a knitalong? You know what? How about we do both! On Saturday mornings in February and March we will be working up the Rosewood Cardigan or the Uptown Cardigan by Stephanie Lau at All About Ami. Both are free patterns for a crochet or knit relaxed fit cardigan. Stephanie designed this light weight, relaxed, comfy cardigan in knit AND crochet. How awesome is that? Since it is worked with a DK weight yarn, this cardigan can be great for all seasons.

I thought these patterns would be a great way to work on a simple garment. All the pieces are worked flat so you can learn all about basic garment construction AND create a cardigan that is great all year round. Plus we can use this opportunity for knitters and crocheters to work together on the same project.

You can preorder your yarn on our website. Pay close attention to the finished measurements when ordering. If you would like a cardigan that isn't so relaxed, go down a size. If you would like more help in making sure your cardigan or any other knit/crochet wearable fits you better, sign up for the How To Fit You class on January 25th.

Yarn of the Month

Since we have now been open for over two years we are changing up our yarn of the month. The original intent was to introduce yarnies in our area to yarns that aren't carried in the big box stores. Now that we have been here a while I think it is time to switch it up. Instead of focusing on a particular brand each month we are going to go with colors. I was inspired by the January white sales that I see everywhere. I thought why can't we do that at a yarn store? So all month long all white and cream colors yarns will be 10% off.

Upcoming Classes & Events

1/9, 5pm to 7pm - Knit Night

1/11, 2pm to 4pm - Beginner Crochet

1/14, 6pm to 8pm - Beginner Crochet

1/16, 5pm to 7pm - Knit Night

1/23, 5pm to 7pm - Knit Night

1/25, 2pm to 4pm - How To Fit You

2/1, 2pm to 4pm - Beginner Knit

2/6, 5pm to 7pm - Knit Night

2/8, 10am to 12pm - Cardigan CAL & KAL

2/8, 2pm to 4pm - Beginner Knit