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October News

It feels like it took forever to get back to the cool weather in Central NY. I know most people complain about how long the cold weather lasts around here, but as a knitter I love it. When else am I going to wear my knit sweaters?

I Love Yarn Day

I Love Yarn Day, the second Saturday in October, is a day for yarn enthusiasts to share what they love about yarn crafting. We are celebrating in the BEST way - 20% off of your total yarn purchase! So on October 12th, be sure to stop by the shop for that awesome sale. Also check out new items that have come in, just in time for the holidays.

Yarn of the Month

We’re highlighting both Cascade’s Pinwheel and Cartwheel. I love these acrylic yarns. Need to make a baby blanket? Grab 2 or 3 skeins of Pinwheel. Need a quick present like a cowl? Grab a skein of Cartwheel. Want to keep the pattern simple? No problem, the color changes in the yarn do all the work for you making a simple piece look much more complex.

All month long you can enjoy 20% off of Pinwheel and Cartwheel.

Rhinebeck Bus Trip

In case you haven’t heard, we’re going to the Sheep & Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY on Sunday, October 20th. Our bus is ALMOST full. So if you were on the fence about whether or not you should go to the biggest fiber festival in the country, now is your chance to join us. Tickets are $65, which covers your transportation, admission ticket, and driver’s tip. Click HERE for more details.

Knit Night

Thursday Night Knit Nights seem to be a big hit. This is not a class, just a night to focus on our yarn. Both knitters and crocheters are welcome. I think once a month we will turn Knit Night into a Game Night. I know those of you that came out to celebrate my birthday back in September had a blast playing The Last Knitter standing. Maybe next time we will have some kind of prize for the winner?

Study of Texture CAL

Our latest crochetalong has been going very well. Every week our blankets grow a little bigger as we tackle those complex crochet stitches. This week I really need to remember to take pictures of our work. The blankets are turning out beautifully!

Upcoming Classes

10/12, 2pm to 4pm - Entrelac Tunisian Crochet

10/22, 6pm to 8pm - Beginner Crochet

10/23, 6pm to 8pm - Fair Isle Knitting

10/26, 2pm to 4pm - Tunisian Crochet Star Ornament

10/30, 6pm to 8pm - WIP Wednesday