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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and relaxed a little bit.

New Year, New Crafty You

Now that it is January, it is time to get back to work and focus. Time to make those changes, learn new things, be healthier. How does all that relate to going to the yarn store? Let me tell you!

Love & Stitches has a variety of classes for you to learn a brand new skill or to continue to develop your already amazing yarn craftiness. Along with having some awesome skills, there have been numerous studies showing the health benefits of knitting and crocheting. You can read more about it HERE. Yarn can help you to lower stress, anxiety, depression, and over all crankiness. If yarn crafting makes people happy according to science, then what's stopping you? Having a hobby in general helps make people happier. So if you want to learn something new, come down to the shop. In January we have 4 beginner classes scheduled and I'm not even done filling in the calendar yet. We also offer beginner classes throughout the year. So don't worry you can ease into the New Year New Crafty Me resolution you made. We offer private lessons as well if you can't make the scheduled class time or want to work on a specific skill/pattern. You can register for classes or private lessons online, by phone, or in store.

Yarn of the Month

In other news, we have a new yarn of the month. Well, more like a fiber of the month for January. Keeping with the theme of self-care and treating yourself, ALL ALPACA IS 20% OFF!!!!! That's right. All the alpaca. And it just so happens that all the alpaca yarn we carry is the softest baby alpaca. Now is the time to stock up on some really nice alpaca yarn for some selfish knitting/crocheting. Or make something for someone you really really really like because this stuff is just that soft. Either way it's time to buy. Here are the prices at 20% off...

Baby Alpaca Grande Splash Dyed - $17.59

Baby Alpaca Grande Solid - $14.39

Ecoduo - $13.59

*new* Aireado - $15.59

(I tried to get the prices in the same order as the picture)


January 10 @ 6pm - Beginner Crochet

January 12 @ 10am - Beginner Crochet

January 15 @ 6pm - Crochet Cowl (using Yarn of the Month Baby Alpaca Grande)

January 17 @ 6pm - Crochet Mittens (using Yarn of the Month Ecoduo)

January 19 @ 2pm - Crochet Mittens (using Yarn of the Month Ecoduo)

January 24 @ 6pm - Beginner Crochet

January 26 @ 10am - Beginner Crochet

January 26 @ 2pm - Crochet Cowl (using Yarn of the Month Baby Alpaca Grande)

*knit classes to be added

Keep a look out on Facebook & Instagram to keep up to date on new things coming into the shop.

Also be ready for socks in February! We are doing a Sock CAL (crochet-a-long). More info on that will be coming soon.