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My Top 5 Stress Relievers

5. Hockey

I LOVE going to hockey games. I’m generally not one for crowds. However the energy of a good hockey game can be infectious. It feels great to scream in frustration or joy with everyone. Now that the Comets are in the playoffs (hopefully for a while), I get to feel the magic of everyone wearing white and being the greatest fans in the league.

4. Coloring

Sometimes it’s good to go back to childhood and sit down with a coloring book. Now a days there are adult coloring books with beautifully detailed pictures. We have some in the shop that are knitting themed. They are gorgeous. I also love coloring My Little Pony pictures with my niece. Actually watching My Little Pony is a good stress reliever too. Try it sometime. You can thank me later.

3. Music

I love all sorts of music. Some days I break out my violin and need to play some classical concertos. Other days I’m at the complete opposite end of the spectrum blasting metal in my car and screaming. Then I can go belt out something from a broadway musical. It’s a beautiful noisy escape from my already noisy mind.

2. Yoga

My go to studio is Dented Bumper Yoga, LLC. I had an amazing session this morning with Rebecca. She has an uncanny ability to read your energy. I feel like she knows just what to do to kick your ass in the most supportive way possible. I know most people think yoga is super calming and quiet and it is. But I’ve been pushed to get my body and mind to do things I wasn’t able to do with other instructors. This morning was a restorative yoga session which was sooo long overdue because of my crazy schedule.

1. Yarn

The health benefits of knit and crochet have been proven again and again. There’s something meditative about the repetitive motions of knit and crochet. You get to calm your mind and body and also be productive at the same time. That’s the best kind of relaxation for my anxious brain. I feel so on edge when I’m doing nothing. So when I first started my craft show business in college I was able to rationalize how I spent my free time. I wasn’t wasting time and money playing with yarn. I was making stock for a craft show booth or filling orders for my cold friends in Potsdam. Now yarn is one of my jobs. Running the business can be stressful, but it’s stress relief at the same time. I get to look and play with pretty yarn whenever I want!