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Yarn of the Month - February

Introducing your new favorite staple yarn...

Encore Worsted!

First things first, here’s the stats...

Fiber: 75% acrylic, 25% wool

Weight: 4, worsted

Gauge: 20 sts = 4” US 8 needles

              12 sts = 4” H/8 hook

Yardage: 200 yards 

Care: Machine wash gentle cycle, tumble dry low

Encore is about to become your new favorite worsted. This yarn has the perfect combination of acrylic and wool that makes your pieces soft and comfortable, but also very durable. I first discovered this yarn at the local craft store in Potsdam, Misty Hollow. Oh the hats I’ve made with this yarn! And yes those hats are still kicking. They have not fallen apart nor are they looking ratty. The Momma made a scarf with Encore a few years ago and she’s still rocking it! If you don’t believe how great this stuff is, come to the store and check out the sweater made in Encore Worsted. It’s beautiful!!

So what does it mean to be Yarn of the Monh?

Well the special deal is this... we have patterns for you that use the yarn so you don’t have to go hunting online. We have classes and projects just for the highlighted yarn. AND the Yarn of the Month is 20% off all month long! I think that’s pretty cool. 

February’s Special Classes

Saturday, 3rd @ 1pm - Crochet Mitts

Thursday, 8th @ 6pm - Beginner Knit 1 (knit & purl)

Saturday, 10th @ 1pm - Beginner Crochet

Saturday, 17th @ 1pm - Crochet Mitts

Thursday, 22nd @ 6pm - Beginner Knit 2 (increase, decrease, cables)