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Store Update

Life has been a little crazy here at Love & Stitches. Nothing out of the ordinary for a first year teacher and first year business owner. 

Anyway I just wanted to share some new things that seemed to come all at once on this weird Wednesday! All these were a welcome surprise because quite frankly I really wasn't feeling it today. 

First surprise was when I came home from work. My vista print order came in a week early, yay! What that means for you guys is that the Love & Stitches loyalty cards are in!! You yarn lovers/hoarders will get a card and receive a punch for every $10 you spend. Once you get to 10 punches, you get 10% off your next purchase. Some restrictions do apply, like you can't use the discount on classes or with the Yarn of the Month 20% discount. You CAN use it on tools, notions, yarn bowls, stitch markers, and all other yarn in the store. 

The second surprise came when I got to the store. I had a stack of Mohawk Valley Living magazines waiting for me! Our ad is on page 7 along with our friends over at The Tree House Reading & Arts Center (hint hint check them out they are great!) Seeing the ad in real life just blows my mind.The design team over there is amazing. How cool that they were able to make an ad that also works with the sign on our store front?! 

By the way stay tuned for a post about February's Yarn of the Month. It may be your new favorite yarn!

- Lauren